Friday, January 06, 2006

Let's see how this goes

I had a blog a while back, and sorta ditched it when I ran out of energy for spouting off.

Several months later, my dog got himself all worked up and started his own. He's had a fair amount of fun with it. But it's sort of evolved differently than he originally thought it would. I didn't think it had to - he thought it did. One of those kinds of arguments. The author wins. Unfortunately, he's been putting pressure on me to pursue his original dream. He still thinks it's worthwhile (and I do too).

So I will. I make no promise of excessive regularity. With much of technology, I tend to get bored once I've figured out how it works. That's why I haven't finished putting the family videos on DVD . I haven't even started transfering all our old vinyl albums to CDs. That's just too much tedium for someone who has a grandson such a short drive away.

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